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Expand The Reach Of Your Next Event With IrvTech

IrvTech, a boutique live streaming and webcast production company based in North Vancouver, BC, offers professional webcast production services. Our technical knowledge and workflows have been honed for over 18 years while providing tailored enterprise-class live streaming and webcast solutions to a variety of corporate and association end clients, from small national to very large global. IrvTech has managed internal “Town Hall” webcast production for a number of enterprise clients, Investor Relations event webcasts for a wide variety of Canadian corporations, conference webcasts for national associations, and live streaming production for broadcast and sporting events.

Our focus on high-visibility and often mission-critical event webcasts has fostered a solid understanding of the challenges involved with delivering content to viewers located both within private corporate networks and to those served via the public internet. We rely on proven systems, workflows and thorough pre-production to make sure that all potential exposures are addressed and mitigated, allowing us to maintain 99.999% uptime.


Town Hall Webcasts

When your workforce or stakeholders are geographically dispersed, a Town Hall webcast is an excellent and inclusive vehicle to keep everyone informed and engaged. Be it for groups of viewers in boardrooms or ballrooms or single viewers at their desks, IrvTech has the solution to deliver your message.

IR Webcasts

IrvTech has extensive experience producing AGM and Investor Day event webcasts. Our team understands the critical nature of these events and we will work with your Investor Relations team to ensure that your event is accessible to the world.

Enable Your Enterprise

So much of the work is already done. We can help you to maximize the value of your existing network by integrating the hardware and software tools and systems needed to make efficient use of an organization’s infrastructure for video content delivery.


Contact IrvTech today to find out how we can help you to change the face of your live event communication and deliver your message to your audience, small or large, just about anywhere served by the internet.

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