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Since 1998, IrvTech has provided professional and quality-driven live streaming and webcast production services for many of Canada’s largest enterprises for investor relations events including AGM’s and Investor Day presentations, internal town hall operations and sales meetings for geographically-dispersed workforces and all manner of announcements, conferences and special events.

Our webcasts deliver video content, most often via the public Internet but sometimes from behind or through corporate firewalls, to viewers located all over the globe. They may be enterprise team members, stakeholders, investors, subscribers or the general public. Viewing scenarios include individuals with laptops, small groups in conference rooms or large groups in managed ballroom settings equipped with projection and audio systems.

IrvTech takes a tailored approach to webcast production. Every project kicks off with a thorough investigation of stakeholder needs and expectations to deliver solutions that fit the individual requirements. A variety of webcast options are available including secure registration, online question management, surveys and polling. Custom solutions can be developed on a project basis to meet your goals.

We understand that the successful production of a webcast requires knowledge of a number of disciplines including computer hardware and software, network connectivity, graphics, audio, video, compression, lighting, event production management and the experience to tie it all together. Our proven processes and workflows minimize exposures. Our redundant HD encoder systems ensure best quality on-site encoding. We rely on award-winning streaming and webcast platforms for content management and production and Akamai, the world’s premier content delivery network, for global distribution of your content. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your message reaches your audience.

IrvTech is the producer’s choice for live streaming and webcast production. For more information, please contact us.

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